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Camscripts - Pay Per View Adult Video Chat Software

Camscripts offers Pay Per View Adult Video Chat Software that really works! The script we sell is currently powering over 4,000 web sites worldwide and the numbers are growing quickly as more people realize the ease of use and quality of our product.. Our customers have come to respect us just based on our devotion alone. When we built this version of the Pay Per View Adult Video Chat Software we had ease of use in mind and we also knew that all customers would want to alter the template without having to know a ton of coding. So on that note we decided to create the script in divided sections, this basically means you can open each file and alter any specific item with no need to know CSS or any of that other computer jargon. We realized a long time ago that it's the webmasters job to promote their site not spend days, weeks or even months trying to understand how to make simple alterations. Between the way we have designed this script to be editable on each individual page and our free tech support for guidance we have put an end to the madness. After carefully examining other scripts on the market we realized that they all use traditional coding methods with traditional code structure, that's great if you are a software developer but the average person does not know a stitch of code, so by physically taking a step back we were able to take a mental leap forward. Why design a script and make it open source if the code is to difficult for the average person to alter? It makes no sense. So in our new Pay Per View Adult Video Chat Software we have made it in sections of code that is easy to change, who wants to make a small css change for one page and have it affect the entire web site? Nobody, that causes customers to have to create extra CSS code simply to be able to alter one item, WHY? Editing should be easy not hard, otherwise there is not really even any need to provide the open source code. Other companies just assume that you are ready to jump right out there and waste time and money to have a designer make small alterations that you could have easily made yourself had the script been created for the customer and not for the designer. Our technique is simple, we divide the CSS and other code off from one style sheet or page, we use alternate CSS per page to make alterations much easier. This will allow for targeted changes instead of site wide changes, I mean really, who wants to make a change that looks perfect just to find out it has messed up other areas of the script? Buying Pay Per View Adult Video Chat Software should be the easy part of all this and that is why we code our scripts the way we do, it lets you know we care about you even after we get paid. We here at Camscripts value our customers and we find enjoyment in helping people get the most out of our script. If a customer is unhappy then how can we be happy? This is more than just a living, it's our passion and THAT is what separates us from the rest of the companies out there and THAT is what will keep us on top so we can continue to create robust Pay Per View Adult Video Chat Software..


We Offer Easy To Edit Code Structure

Pay Per View Adult Video Chat Software Separated CSS

Targeted element CSS

Separated page code

Targeted page code


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