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Camscripts - PPV Chat Script

There are several reasons to use Camscripts PPV Chat Script, the main reason being that having a PPV Chat Script built from the ground up can take a very long time and the cost can be astronomical. Even then you are lucky if the quality is there. We were releasing our first PPV Chat Script when other companies were still just trying to figure out how it all works. Today you have many companies selling what they call a PPV Chat Script when in reality it's pure garbage, since we are the first to put this type of software on the market back in the late 90's it's very disturbing to see these so called companies attempting to take peoples hard earned money in return for software that is not on a professional level and charging thousands of dollars for it to boot. Just remember, when the quality of a companies web site far surpasses the quality of their script there is a problem. Be careful of the pretty shiny scripts because nine times out of ten the graphic design is making up for the poor code, we could name names but that would be just as unprofessional as the scripts put out by these types of companies. We are not telling you this simply as as a sad attempt to make our script look better, we are telling you this due to the vast amount of horror stories we have heard from our customers about their experiences with these companies and their poorly written scripts. We say "Build it right or don't build it" .

Moving on...

Camscripts offers the best PPV Chat Script on the market hands down. Our script comes ready to install, it comes with 100% of the source code which includes the Flash source as well as the Flash serverside code, no other company is going to give you this. Our script offers optimized streaming HD quality video, CD quality audio and a smooth lightweight PHP framework. Unlike other companies we do not place performer or member capacity limits on our script. We offer a robust admin panel with some useful tools to help you get going such as our "Virtual Performers Online" feature which creates the illusion that your site has live models online when they are actually offline, this is a huge bonus when trying to get you site started and it has been proven to work quite well. Not only do we sell a great PPV Chat Script we also offer our advice depending upon your web site, all sites are different and require different methods of bringing in traffic. We have some proven methods on getting traffic to your cam site that we only release to customers because the age old question of "which came first, the chicken or the egg?" is at play here. You need models to bring in new members and you need members to have a need for performers, we have a proven solution for this.


We offer 100% Source Code

PPV Chat Script image Flash FLA files

Pay Per View Adult Webcam Software PHP files

SQL database structure

FMS serverside code


Camscripts - Adult Webcam Software

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